If you want the full experience, and learn it all, then attend the long course.
There will be around 25 students at each of the four programs and you can change program every semester.

This means that within a year, you can attens each program at the school for 3 months, or you can choose to keep your focus on the same program through out the year.

On the long course there is a lot of travel experiences both within the country and abroad and you will get a unique experience and lasting friendships with the other students and teachers living at the school.


Many parents and business people still want to learn and grow, even though their time is limited. If you belong to this group, then the short courses are exactly what you need.

Courses in a very wide variety will be offered in the length of just one week.

Most of the topics that you can read about in the long course programs will also be offered as short courses for your benefit.

Bring your family. You can take one course, your spouse another while your kids are being entertained and taught elsewhere at the school. Even though you are taught different things, there are plenty of times where the family can also be together.

  • The long course is between 20 and 40 weeks in length.
  • The long course is open to anyone above 17.5 years old, but it is expected that most students of the long course will be between 18 and 25 years old.
  • The price per week for a student will be 1,300 DKK or around 217 USD.
  • There will be between 80 and 100 students attending this course.
  • A school year is divided into four semesters. The students may freely choose each semester which of the four programs they want to attend that semester.
  • The short courses will have a duration between one and three weeks.
  • Anyone, regardless of age or status in life may attend these courses.
  • The prices of these courses can vary, but in general, the price per week will be 3,000 DKK or around 500 USD.
  • For this amount, the student will get 21 healthy buffets, accommodation for 7 nights and access to expert knowledge for a week.
  • 3 one-week courses is planned every month and 3 two-week courses every other month. 15 students is anticipated at each course.

There will be four programs at the school

Each program will have two fulltime teachers.

Each program will also have the financial means to invite 8 specialized guest teachers from all over theworld to teach for a month. So guest teachers will be found at the school 8 months out of the 10 month school year.