This program can basically have courses in all kinds of arts and talent development, but it will focus on the art of filmmaking and TV production.

The LDS Folk School has a unique opportunity to merge with a church member-driven Danish television station called The Family Channel that broadcasts to all of southern Denmark. With this cooperation, it will be possible to attract many Danes and saints from all over, that want to learn the art of TV and filmmaking not just from a theoretical point of view, but through a real TV Stationwith broadcasting deadlines.


  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Filming
  • Journalism
  • Lighting
  • Music production
  • Equipment
  • Storytelling
  • Media training
  • Business side of videoproduction
  • Filmmaking
  • TV production
  • Social media
  • Theater and acting


This program will also be making short travel courses of one to three weeks inlength on European history and culture. The idea behind this is to give Americansaints with European ancestors a chance to come and learn about Europeanhistory and culture before going on bus trips to see their different countries.Ribe, the oldest town in northern Europe, will be a beautiful cultural hub for the saints to gather at, before embarking on tourist trips down through Europe withknowledgeable guides.


Some of the topics from the broad- casting part if this program will alsobe available as one-week courses.But most of the short courses willbe on different subjects. For ex- ample, ancestry and indexing orpainting, singing and many otherdifferent kinds of handicrafts.