• The name of the school is the LDS Folk School to symbolize that it is for everyone regardless of age. It has not been named either “Folk High School” or “college” to avoid confusion with such terms used by other types of schools. This school is unique and thereis nothing equivalent to it in the Church Educational System.

• The school does not offer any official education. This is learning for the sake of learning. There will be no exams, but students can at the end of a course receive a diploma for what they havelearned.

• On account of the international dimension all teachings wil be conducted in english.

• Students and teachers live, eat and study at the school.

• Anyone attending the school will need to sign an honor code similar tothe one used at BYU.

• Prayer will be an integrated partof the school day. Monday night will have family home evening activities and there will be church services on Sundays.

• Two evenings a month there will be a guest lecturer giving special firesides to all of the school.

• During the school year the long course students will embark on many excursions and trips in Denmark and Germany. These trips will be financed by the general student fee.
Trips to Jerusalem and Salt Lake City are voluntary and paid seperately by the students.